Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping It Real

The THRIVE theme is going along well, so far. In our Happiness Project Book Club, my resolutions for January were to:

Move Every Day
Eat Protein with every meal
Use Deep Breathing when stressed
Take 10 Minutes of Quiet Time each day

As of right now, I have done great with the first three. With the Running 101 class, I am continuing to get some great exercise sessions into my schedule. I have been pretty diligent with the protein with my meals. I haven't really felt a lot of stress the last month but I used the deep breathing in traffic a few times.
That 10 minutes of quiet time is just no happening. But I am keeping it real here. I am just not doing it. I must not really want it that much.

The month of February, I am focusing on my relationship with my husband. He isn't home until Wednesday so there isn't much to tell yet. We have a pretty good relationship already but I think I need to be more aware of how I say things to him. It may sound fine to me but he may interpret things differently than I mean them. So my main goal for February is to:

Be Mindful Of My Words

As for the rest of my world, I have a lot going on. We have another grandson on the way and I am spending a lot of time in California helping my daughter get things ready. She's on bed rest and when her husband is working away from home, I come to help with the boys, do errands, laundry, cooking and cleaning. I enjoy helping and being with the boys. When I get home from a week of this, I am whipped. This is not a bad thing. Just a reality.

I have some great green product finds to share in the near future. I promised myself I would take it slow this year. I tend to over-commit myself and then get stressed about it. The funny thing about that is that I am committing to myself! No one but me is keeping track and yet, I stress about it. Stupid really. Do other people do this or am I a pariah?