Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Go ahead and laugh but I have been saying that I have an unusually small head for a full grown adult and no one took me seriously. But I now have PROOF!

I would have had proof sooner, but the photo my friend Cindy's mom took of the two of us has not surfaced on Facebook. Cindy thinks her head looks big in the photo. Not so. It only seems big because mine is so small. Maybe now she'll put the photo up so I can use it on a scrapbook layout. Hint, hint.

The proof is my attempt to get new eyeglasses. I went to 3 different places to find glasses and none of them fit. All too big. It was incredibly frustrating. The glasses I have now aren't any better. I have to constantly run them under hot water to bend the earpieces in so they stay on my head.

Well, on the third attempt, the kind technician showed me to the 'teen' section. Hey, these are the glasses they sell to 12 year old's! And they FIT. Dozens and dozens of choices. It was amazing! I had so much fun trying on glasses that fit my face and looked fun and cool! When my new ones arrive, I'll post a photo to show you the eye bling.

So all the naysayers can eat crow now. I DO have a small head. I think I have some spare brain cells stored in my thighs. They are certainly bigger than they need to be so that's what I am going with.

In other news, my workouts are going great. I am able to run 30 minutes without stopping if I don't go too fast. I can run 3.6 miles but I have to walk a minute or two from time to time. I can do ONE real push-up. Hey, I can do lots of 'girl' push-ups but I could not move from a standard push-up position when I began. So I am feeling pretty good about my vow to 'Move Every Day'.

There is some stress in our lives right now, but that isn't stopping me from my one little word of THRIVE. I am hanging with things and taking care of business without losing my cool.

PLUS, I made my own deodorant from the Jungleman Naturals recipe and it turned out great! The RGH laughs at me because I get so excited about my do-it-yourself endeavors. But hey, I make a lot fewer trips to Target now.

In a few days, I am having another birthday. I'll post how many years on Thursday.



chksngr said...

See...I have the opposite problem...do they have BIG OLE HEAD section at the glasses store? No! So I wear contacts and hope I can stave off bifocals forever.

**** April **** said...

You go girl! I need new glasses but the ones I have just give me headaches and who wants to PAY $300-500 for a guaranteed headache?

Congrats on the fitness regimen! I'm on the same track, too. You're better than I am, however. But, at least the WILL is now there! ha ha ha!

I've missed you!!!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

I am DYING!!! The 3 year old keeps asking, "Mommy...what's SOOO funny?" I'm like the other commenter...a too BIG head! You'll HAVE to wear a hat when I come to Vegas if you want me to take pix with you!