Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Share the Wealth

Last weekend the Fit to Run class had our nutrition seminar at the RED ROCK RUNNING COMPANY headed by COACH ERIC. Thought I would share the tidbits I gleaned from it.

1.  I am pretty much doing everything wrong.
2.  Carbs and Fats are good when used properly.
3.  Each person has individual needs.
4.  I don't take great photos with my iPhone.

I also found out that my eat protein with every meal is a singular focus goal. With a running program, I have to worry about eating carbs, but at the right time and in the correct portions AND good fats in the correct portions.

As a person who suffers from Hypoglycemia, I have to do things a little differently than most people. I still need the protein to keep my insulin level on an even keel.
Whew! I didn't know it was going to be so complicated.

To prove that I don't take great photos with my iPhone, here is a photo of COACH ERIC telling it like it is:

Back to the nutrition stuff.
It isn't really that hard to do, but I have to completely change what I have considered the 'right' way to eat. Luckily, I have a coach...and the Internet to help me re-learn.

On another topic, I was going to share one of my newer discoveries in the world of living green and healthier. I found a natural deodorant that WORKS. I was hating the anti-perspirants that are full of aluminum. It was making my poor armpits break out. Plus, I read that aluminum might contribute to breast cancer. And seriously, should we be putting metals in our skin? (shiver)

Jungleman Naturals is the greatest deodorant ever. But, the dude that invented it is no longer making it to sell. I went to his site to re-order and the sad news was posted there. The good news is he shared his recipe on the site. So I can make my own. And I will!

Should you be interested in making your own Jungleman deodorant, you can read about it and get the recipe here    A few things you should know about this natural deodorant; it will not prevent sweating but you won't stink. When you first wean yourself off anti-perspirants, you will probably sweat a ton but it will taper off once your body is back to it's normal state. Heavy sweaters (LOL) and high temperature summers may mean two applications a day but it's cheap to make so no big deal. It can be crumbly but I keep a little waxed paper with mine so I can pack it down from time to time. If you get it on anything, it doesn't stain and cleans up easily.

I hope you try to make some. It's better than Tom's of Maine or any of the other naturals out there.

I am doing okay on my THRIVE 2011 adventure. Still moving every day, trying my best to eat right, and after conferring with my peeps in BOOK CLUB, I have decided that my runs and my morning coffee ritual can count as quiet time. Oh, and I haven't blown up at anyone a single time. Got to love the deep breathing.

February's resolution is to Mind My Words. Sometimes I say whatever I am thinking and the RGH, well, he doesn't speak the MaryC's brain language. So I am practicing the, do I really need to say that out loud? method of keeping my words in check. So far, so good. But as you know, I am keeping it real so if I blow it, I'll be here fessing up.

Happy late Valentine's Day. Only 8 more shopping days till my birthday, in case you were wondering.


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awesome post.. can't wait for next book club :)